Build a full-featured administrative interface in ten minutes

Built-in and routing bound permissions system.

Support for flexible page layout.

Does not limit the development of developers.

Supports feature-rich extension tools.

Can import any three-party front-end libraries and frameworks.

Quickly build data tables

Quickly build data tables based on the model to flexibly control the display of rows and columns.

Support multiple types of custom data queries, and column data sorting.

Support for custom extension tools, custom data line operations.

Built-in data export excel function, support for custom export.

Support for custom data display views.

Support one to one, one to many, many to many model relationship.

Quickly build data form

40+ form components.

Integrate laravel data validation rules.

Support for expansion of form components.

Form binding model, internal implementation of data creation and updating.

Support one-to-one, one-to-many model relationship.



Store the configuration information in the database, making it easy to modify the laravel configuration at any time.


Provides a more friendly management page for laravel's scheduled tasks, making it easy to view the details of scheduled tasks.

Media manager

To achieve the local file to view, upload, delete, download, create folder, move files and other conventional operations.

Log viewer

So you do not have to log on to the server, more convenient to view laravel log, support real-time view log.

Api tester

Debug your laravel api like a `postman`.


laravel-backup web interface, easy to view the backup situation, and the implementation of the backup.