Web widgets


Encore\Admin\Widgets\Box used to generate box components:

use Encore\Admin\Widgets\Box;

$box = new Box('Box Title', 'Box content');





echo $box;

The $content parameter is the content element of the Box, which can be either an implementation of the Illuminate\Contracts \ Support\Renderable interface, or other printable variables.

The Box::title($title) method is used to set the Box component title.

The Box::content($content) method is used to set the content element of a Box component.

The Box::removable() method sets the Box component as removable.

The Box::collapsable() method sets the Box component as collapsable.

Box::style($style) method sets the style of the Box component to fill in primary,info, danger,warning, success,default.

The Box::solid() method adds a border to the Box component.


Encore\Admin\Widgets\Collapse class used to generate folding components:

use Encore\Admin\Widgets\Collapse;

$collapse = new Collapse();

$collapse->add('Bar', 'xxxxx');
$collapse->add('Orders', new Table());

echo $collapse->render();

The Collapse::add($title, $content) method is used to add a collapsed item to the collapsing component. The $title parameter sets the title of the item. The$content parameter is used to .


Encore\Admin\Widgets\Form class is used to quickly build a form:

$form = new Form();


$form->map('lat', 'lng');
$form->dateRange('created_at', 'updated_at');

echo $form->render();

Form::__construct($data = []) generates a form object. If the $data parameter is passed, the elements in the$data array will be filled into the form.

Form::action($uri) method is used to set the form submission address.

Form::method($method) method is used to set the submit method of the form form, the default is POST method.

Form::disablePjax() disable pjax for form submit.


The Encore\Admin\Widgets\InfoBox class is used to generate the information presentation block:

use Encore\Admin\Widgets\InfoBox;

$infoBox = new InfoBox('New Users', 'users', 'aqua', '/admin/users', '1024');

echo $infoBox->render();

Refer to the section on the InfoBox in theindex()method of the home page layout file HomeController.php.

Tab component

The Encore\Admin\Widgets\Tab class is used to generate the tab components:

use Encore\Admin\Widgets\Tab;

$tab = new Tab();

$tab->add('Pie', $pie);
$tab->add('Table', new Table());
$tab->add('Text', 'blablablabla....');

echo $tab->render();

The Tab::ad ($title, $content) method is used to add a tab, $title for the option title, and the$content tab for the content.


Encore\Admin\Widgets\Table class is used to generate forms:

use Encore\Admin\Widgets\Table;

// table 1
$headers = ['Id', 'Email', 'Name', 'Company'];
$rows = [
    [1, 'labore21@yahoo.com', 'Ms. Clotilde Gibson', 'Goodwin-Watsica'],
    [2, 'omnis.in@hotmail.com', 'Allie Kuhic', 'Murphy, Koepp and Morar'],
    [3, 'quia65@hotmail.com', 'Prof. Drew Heller', 'Kihn LLC'],
    [4, 'xet@yahoo.com', 'William Koss', 'Becker-Raynor'],
    [5, 'ipsa.aut@gmail.com', 'Ms. Antonietta Kozey Jr.'],

$table = new Table($headers, $rows);

echo $table->render();

// table 2
$headers = ['Keys', 'Values'];
$rows = [
    'name'   => 'Joe',
    'age'    => 25,
    'gender' => 'Male',
    'birth'  => '1989-12-05',

$table = new Table($headers, $rows);

echo $table->render();